Are you ready to save time and reduce errors in your business operations?

​Irene Greanias


"Without this database, I would not have been able to supply corporate with the necessary information without spending 24 hours a day on my PC."

​Warner Brothers TV

​Keith A Price


​Why hire me to build you a custom database?

Your ​executives, managers, and staff will have time to spend on more productive things. You'll have more of the information you need at your fingertips so you can make decisions that impact your bottom line. Your data will be more accurate. Your employees will make fewer mistakes. You'll enjoy more confidence in the decisions you make.

​Enter Data only once

​Any time data gets entered more than once, you not only waste time, you risk introducing an error. I design my databases so data gets entered only once.

​Find your data when you need it

​It doesn't matter how good your data is if you don't have ready access to it. ​I design my databases so you can get to the data you need at the push of a button.

​Reduce training time on your data processes

​How much time ​does management and staff spend trying to figure out how to run your office computer programs? I design my  databases so they're obvious to use.

About ​Keith Price

I've been programming custom solutions in Microsoft Office products for 25 years. I got my start "way back when" as a computer trainer. I have that rare ability to be very technical while still being able to explain things in ways non-nerds can understand.

​I'm equally comfortable with administrative assistants as I am with CEOs and company presidents.

Why ​I Recommend Having a
Free Consultation Call

​We'll discuss your data and automation needs and we can determine if I can help you save time and drastically reduce errors in your
data entry and processing tasks.

​Neil grossman


Empire Optical

"[Keith] was able to teach and explain to us the many technical and complex concepts... We would highly recommend Keith Price for any such projects or services in the future."

​herb cohen

​Sr. Vice President

​Imperial ​Bank

"I'm amazed that you were able to distill the entire process into one simple on-screen form... I would not hesitate to use your services again... and I offer my highest recommendation to any company considering you..."

​Lewis P horwitz


Lewis Horwitz Organization

" have saved us not hours but actual days of work and effort...My staff can accomplish tasks which they literally were unable to do prior to working with the software you created."

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